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Brendan is celebrating the festive season once again with the annual Christmas episode of the show with special guest Andy DiGenova and this year it's extra special.

2020 marks the 35th Anniversary of one of their favourite (and most talked about) movies, Santa Claus: The Movie and to mark the occasion the boys have sat down and recorded an audio commentary for the film!

So kick back, fire up the movie and grab an icy cold Coke and some McDonald's and enjoy the most magical (and 80's) Christmas movie of all time!

*Be sure to check out the Real Fans For Real Movies Podcast where the celebration continues and Brendan & Andy interview one of the stars of the film!

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Brendan is joined by fellow Real Fan Julian Chan (making his podcast debut!) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the biggest and most important Bond films of all time - Goldeneye.

Brendan and Julian look back at their overall Bond fandom and turn the clock back to December 1995 to reminisce what it was like at the time the film was released before discussing the film itself and the legacy it has left after 25 years.

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August 23, 2020

Episode 2.14: DC Fandome!


No SDCC Hall H this year? Don't stress! Our man Luis is joining us from San Diego

to cover all the news and reveals from DC's massive Fandome global event!

All the big panels of the day are discussed including WW84, The Flash, The Suicide Squad,

The Snyder Cut of Justice League, Black Adam, Shazam 2 and of course, The Batman.

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Join Brendan for a look back at June 1995 and the release of a little movie called Batman Forever.

As the film celebrates its 25th Anniversary, Brendan reflects on his love for the movie and why it means so much to him and is such a nostalgic kick.

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You've heard Part 1 over at Holy Batcast, now join us here at The Knight Light 2.0 for Part 2 of the Batman Isolation Challenge review!

If it's your first time listening to The Knight Light 2.0 - WELCOME!

On this episode Brendan & Andy review the second half of their choices from the Batman Isolation Challenge that ran for the entire month of May.

You'll hear the guys picks for Favourite Rogue, Favourite Theme Music, Favourite Comic Story Arc and many more.

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Join Brendan and guests Andy DiGenova from Holy Batcast and Phillip Barker from Superhero Stress in an audio boardroom for "Pitch Perfect".

What's Pitch Perfect you ask?

The guys have each picked a movie or franchise that has got no potential sequel in development and have created their pitch to revive the property. Now before you expect three pitches for comic book movies, think again. There are some properties here you would not expect to be in the guys sights and you'll even be treated to a spur of the moment group pitch for a fourth film.

What are the films? Well, that would be telling! Listen in to find out.

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This month marks the 30th Anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie. To celebrate this special occasion, Brendan is joined by Partners In Kryme to talk about their classic theme song from the movie, "Turtle Power" and reflect on the last 30 years since its release!

This episode was going to drop much closer to the 30th March, which is the date of the films release in the USA in 1990 but as a special treat, we're dropping it early because let's face it, the world's in the sewer right now and we don't want to wait any longer to celebrate and share this special episode with you all.

So grab your favourite pizza, pop on your headphones and prepare for a trip back to 1990 with Brendan and Partners In Kryme. COWABUNGA!

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Brendan is joined by host of the Superhero Stress Podcast, Phillip Barker, to discuss the reveal of the new Batmobile from "The Batman" and the news that 007's newest outing "No Time To Die" has had its release pushed to November due to the Coronavirus.

Today is also a special day for Robin The Boy Wonder as it's the 80th anniversary of his first appearance in Detective Comics so Brendan and Phillip talk about their favourite stories featuring the best sidekick in comics.

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Brendan is once again joined by his co-host Trent from The Sitting On Our Rings Podcast for Oscar Day 2020!

The guys jump behind the mics before the ceremony begins to recap and lock in some of their choices from the last episode because they have both seen all the films nominated for Best Picture. 

Then literally moments after the ceremony ended they hit record again to discuss all the awards given and how they differ from their choices as well as all the upsets and any stand out moments from the 92nd Academy Awards.

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Brendan is joined by his co-host from The Sitting On Our Rings Podcast, Trent, to discuss the nominations for The 92nd Academy Awards.

Trent and Brendan are both awards season junkies (especially Trent!) and they go through the list of nominated movies and give their tips and predictions for who they think will be victorious come Feb 10.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of John Bierly.

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