In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

After hearing Brandon Routh guest on a recent episode ofFatman On Batman, Brendan felt compelled to re-watch the loved to be hatedfilm, Superman Returns from 2006.  Uponrealising this year marks the film's 10th Anniversary and the fact that theguys wanted to revisit the film in the future anyway, why not record an episodeon it now?  No time like thepresent!  What will Steve and Brendanthink of the film 10 years on?  Listen into find out.

Before focusing on Superman Returns, the guys discuss thereturn of some other things from the past - Cheez TV and The X-Files!  They also examine the Suicide Squad trailerin Trailer Trash and Brendan shares some of the exciting things that happenedfor his Birthday earlier this week.  Andsticking with Brandon Routh as a theme, hear what the guys thought about thedebut of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow.

As always they round out the show by leaving The Constructand tearing up the streets in The Fapmobile. With so much to be excited about at the moment, what's the things thatare the most fap worthy with these two? Once again, you're gonna have to listen in to find out.

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