In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

It's been over a month since Brendan and Steve have been able to get into The Construct to bring you a brand new episode of The Knight Light but the wait is finally over!

Join the guys as they get behind the mics and literally play catch up on all the things that have happened since they last recorded including Brendan's visit to the set of Thor: Ragnarok and Ben Affleck's Deathstroke tweet.  They talk Batman '66 in Trailer Trash and as promised in their last episode, Brendan and Steve take a trip to the Upside Down and discuss the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

In the spirit of playing catch up, Brendan has made an effort to watch a pile of new and classic movies that he's always wanted to see but has never gotten around to it and you'll hear about the twenty (yes TWENTY) he's watched on his journey thus far. (You won't believe some of the ones he's never seen before!)

Finally as always, the guys turn over the motor of The Fapmobile to take us out of this long awaited return episode.

So sit back, turn the volume up to 11, grab an Eggo and enjoy!



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

Way back in the very first episode of The Knight Light, the boys geeked out about the very first footage from Suicide Squad that was shown at Comic Con.  Now, 13 months later, they get to talk about the whole movie!

Excitement has been high for this movie since it was announced in late 2014 and was almost at fever pitch in the final weeks before its release.  Although, days before everyone had the chance to see it, the critics decided to rain all over the parade of everyone who was looking forward to seeing the "Skwad" and of course the internet reacted the way it always does, with many civil, polite and level headed discussions.  Pffft, Yeah Right!

So, if you're over all the internet rubbish and want to hear Brendan and Steve have a fun discussion about all the things they liked, didn't like and what they loved - then you'll enjoy this episode. 

The boys also have a brief look at The Killing Joke animated film and as always, take us out in The Fapmobile. 

There's also a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about another way you can share the love of The Knight Light and it's something Steve knows nothing about.  What is it?  Tune in to find out!



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

...and welcome to our San Diego Comic Con 2016 special! 

Brendan & Steve gave up their Sunday morning sleep-in to get into The Construct and behind the mics mere hours after the Warner Bros Hall H panel.  All the big news is covered.
The Wonder Woman trailer. 
The Justice League photo and footage. 
The final Suicide Squad trailer.
The Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Trailer.
The Flash Season 3 trailer (which dropped while the boys were recording!).

You'll also hear everything else from the last 2 days of the Con that has had them geeking out as well as meet our newest team member and Comic Con Correspondent - Luis Salazar!

The guys then head off to The Fapmobile with 2 non con related topics including a brief chat about the new Ghostbusters film.

Today has been Geek Christmas so enjoy this special gift to you!



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

In our second podcast celebrating our first anniversary week, Brendan invited a special lady into the sanctity of The Construct - his wife Jessica!

Brendan asks the question that we're sure all geeks would like answered but are too scared to ask.  What's it like living with and being in a relationship with a geek?

You'll also hear them reminisce about all the geeky things they've done over the years and the influence that they've both had on each other when it comes to their fandoms. 

Finally, in what is a very appropriate time to have our the first female guest on the show, Brendan and Jess talk about the new Ghostbusters film.  This episode was recorded within hours of them seeing the movie so the thoughts and opinions are all fresh.  After Brendan's really mixed feeling coming into the film's release, what did he think of the end product?  Tune in to find out!



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!


Can you believe it's been 1 year since the very first episode of The Knight Light?! To celebrate the occasion the boys (s)team up in The Construct for a little three-way action - it's Brendan, Steve and Tj together for the very first time! Who'da thunk it'd take a whole year to get them all under the same roof?

Brendan's got half an inkling because it's a party and Steve will cry if he wants to, OR he'll team up with The Scarlett Beardster and make Brendan's life hell and then some.

There's a lengthy chat about the Pokemon-Go phenomenon, Tj shares his thoughts on the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Independence Day: Resurgence comes under the spotlight for a Light Bulb or two, and Brendan has the piss well and truly taken out of him throughout the whole thing. What a time to be alive!

The guys then take a trip down memory lane and look back on all the episodes that made up The Knight Light: Year One, and to bring it all home it wouldn't be the Knight Light unless the boys took The Fapmobile out for a spin and this trip steers into just a few detours.

Thank you to all our listeners for the support over the last 12 months, and stand by for The Knight Light: Year Two!



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

Brendan and Steve were ready to release this episode but the "higher ups" in The Construct felt that the run time was too long for it to be successful.  So the guys were forced to edit around 30 minutes out of the episode.  What they were left with was fine and passable for a good episode but to be honest, it just didn't flow all that well.

Before uploading the episode however, the boys, in an act of defiance, said "NO! F**K OFF!" to the powers that be and decided not to sacrifice their artistic integrity for the sake of a more marketable run time and have released this episode, in full, as they intended it to be heard.

What a coincidence that this episode happens to be all about Batman v Superman: The Ultimate Edition that was released upon the world last week!  Hear what the guys thought about all the additional footage and how the film stacks up overall compared to the theatrical version. 

So enjoy this not to be missed episode that fans who already enjoy the show will love and will leave the haters changing their opinions.



Join Brendan as he enters The Construct and talks all things Batman and The DC Extended Universe in this companion to The Knight Light Podcast.  Welcome to The Dark Knight Light!

With all the big news about the upcoming Justice League film hitting yesterday, you didn't expect Brendan to not record a podcast about it did you? 

Joining Brendan via satellite in The Construct and making his Knight Light debut is Holy Batcast's Jamie Druley to discuss the films logo, synopsis and all the various insights from the press set visits last week.



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

Brendan and Steve enter The Construct once again to bring you a brand new episode and this is one they've been chomping at the bit to record! 

Newsflash kicks us off where they discuss Superman casting and Suicide Squad news, plus Steve gives his review of The Conjuring 2 and Brendan his for Finding Dory.

It's straight into the main topic next which is all Turtle Talk.  The guys give their thoughts about the latest big screen outing for their green heroes - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows. The movie seems to be getting lots of love from fans world wide but will Steve and Brendan's feelings be the same? We could tell you but you really need to listen to the show.



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

It's been a month since Brendan and Steve recorded together so they entered The Construct on Thursday afternoon for a good old fashioned catch up.

Steve has seen X-Men: Apocalypse and caught up on the final episodes of The Flash Season 2 so he gives us his thoughts on both. 

Both the guys have been doing lots of reading lately so they share their thoughts on DC's Rebirth comics as well as the latest Young Bond and Independence Day novels.

Steve is in his element as the discussion turns to a subject close to his heart - gaming.  Two game trailers dropped this week and both are examined with much enthusiasm from Mr Muller.  Brendan gets to share in the excitement given that both games focus on Batman. 

Next up is the return of Turtle Talk where (seeing as Out Of The Shadows only hit Aussie cinemas today) crossovers are the hot topic.  The boys review the Batman/Turtles comic series and geek out over the recent episode of the Nickelodeon animated series where the current Turtles joined forces with the Turtles from the 80's cartoon.

As always the episode wraps up with a trip in The Fapmobile.

So depending on your generation of Turtles, give a shout of Cowabunga or Booyakasha and enjoy the show!



In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

Steve is currently off dealing with a different sector or something, so in order to bring you a new Knight Light episode, Brendan put the call out for a fill in co-host. 

The call was answered by a man who has been mentioned many times on the show and even had a brief cameo appearance way back in episode 2 - The Scarlett Beardster himself, Tj!

Because Brendan is a gracious host, he asked his guest what he wanted to talk about and quick as a flash the answer came and the topics are; Tj's love for all things Jurassic Park (including his recent visit to the Jurassic World Exhibition in Melbourne) and this weeks finale of The Flash Season 2.

So jump in your Jurassic Park Jeep (The Fapmobile's in the shop) and turn us up on the stereo as we take a journey into the speed force!


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