In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

Brendan and Steve were ready to release this episode but the "higher ups" in The Construct felt that the run time was too long for it to be successful.  So the guys were forced to edit around 30 minutes out of the episode.  What they were left with was fine and passable for a good episode but to be honest, it just didn't flow all that well.

Before uploading the episode however, the boys, in an act of defiance, said "NO! F**K OFF!" to the powers that be and decided not to sacrifice their artistic integrity for the sake of a more marketable run time and have released this episode, in full, as they intended it to be heard.

What a coincidence that this episode happens to be all about Batman v Superman: The Ultimate Edition that was released upon the world last week!  Hear what the guys thought about all the additional footage and how the film stacks up overall compared to the theatrical version. 

So enjoy this not to be missed episode that fans who already enjoy the show will love and will leave the haters changing their opinions.

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