In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHTLIGHT!

It's been a while.  And finally, on what can only be described as the most hot and humid day Brisbane has had in a very long time, Brendan and Steve entered the un-airconditioned Construct to bring you a brand new episode.

The boys cover some of the bigger news events of recent weeks in Newsflash, including looks at both the Legends Of Tomorrow and Captain America: Civil War trailers and Steve gives us a run down on what he's seen of the new Netflix Jessica Jones series.

After a very long and excited wait, Brendan finally gets to talk all about Spectre!  Both Brendan and Steve saw the film on opening night 3 weeks ago and haven't been able to get behind the mics to discuss it - until now.  Find out what THEY thought about the latest Bond film that is getting mixed reactions around the world.  (The plus side to the delay in recording is that Brendan has seen the film 4 times!)

Even though the guys were quite literally melting in the heat, they still jumped behind the wheel of the Fapmobile to see the episode out.  Steve was fapping about Pokemon while Brendan...well his excitement was much more cryptic...

As soon as they finished recording, the guys tried their best to cool off before heading straight over to Supanova Brisbane!  If they didn't melt in the heat, we might hear what they got up to next episode.

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