In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHTLIGHT!

Even though Steve is currently in America on his honeymoon,the boys have a brand new episode for you!

Recorded a few weeks ago, the guys sit down and talk indepth about the two movies they watched on Steve's Bucks (K)Night - GreenLantern and Batman Forever.  Not only arethey two films that feature the characters that inspired The Knight Light, theyare also movies that generally divide opinion and are often not seen in thebest light.  So, what do Brendan &Steve make of them?

With Green Lantern, the discussion focuses on where thingswent wrong as well as the things they actually got right.  Steve is the big Green Lantern fan out of theboys and has the tattoos to prove it, so he gives his opinion on what the filmshould have been and builds on it by outlining what he would do for a trilogyof Green Lantern films.

Our dynamic duo then transport us back to 1995 and tell usexactly what it was like when Batman Forever was released.  Rather than review the film, cos let's faceit, that's been done to death in the last 20 years, they guys really celebratewhat was a hugely successful and popular Batman film by reminding us how thefilm was received and the phenomenon it was. History has not been kind to Batman Forever and although it has it'sproblems, it isn't Batman & Robin and despite what many people think, theyaren't the same movie.  Both Brendan andSteve really go in to "bat" for Batman Forever as it was a huge partof both their childhoods.

So sit back, open your minds, set your own opinions asidefor a moment and get all nostalgic just as the guys did in The Construct forEpisode 5 of The Knight Light!

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