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Join Brendan in The Construct for his third solo mission!

This week saw the release of the first James Bond comic series in 20 years in the form of 'VARGR' from Dynamite Entertainment and of course, Brendan wanted to give his two cents on it. Instead of doing a written review, he jumped behind the mic and recorded this short podcast instead because, well, it's just more fun!

With only 3 days until he FINALLY gets to see SPECTRE when it's released in Australia, Brendan shares his excitement (which is pretty much at fever pitch!) as well as a brief report on how the film is doing so far at the international box office. 

This is a short little episode that proves that you can visit The Construct for a good time but not a long time.


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Join Brendan in The Construct for his second solo mission!

After the success of his first solo mission last month, Brendan is back and talking Bond.  This time he takes a look at the Bond Themes past and gives us his list of his top "007" favourites!

Who will make the cut and who will get thrown off a mountain minus a Union Jack parachute? 
Tune in to find out...


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Join Brendan in The Construct for his veryfirst solo mission!

That's right, with Steve busily preparing for his big wedding day, Brendanwanted to talk about all the James Bondnews that broke last week and he wasn't gonna let a lack of co-host stop him.

You'll hear Brendan talk about the announcement of Sam Smith as the singer of Spectre's theme song, give histhoughts on all the new Spectre posters that have been released as well as givea spoiler free review of the new James Bond novel "Trigger Mortis". 

Brendan also takes the opportunity to address the controversy and set therecord straight surrounding comments made by Trigger Mortis author Anthony Horowitz thatapparently Idris Elba is "too street" to play007. 

If you like the Light Bondagesegment on a regular Knight Lightepisode, get ready for 30 minutes of it with Brendan.  30 minutes? That's gotta be some kind of record for him....


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