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In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

The boys return to The Construct after quite a long and unplanned break since the last episode!

So much has happened in their time away (including Brendan's birthday) that it would take forever to cover everything so instead a few select headlines are covered in Newsflash, including the odd news of Mel Gibson being in discussions to direct Suicide Squad 2.

Brendan and Steve both Light It Up about the absolute joke that is John Wick 2 getting an Australian release date and Brendan Shines The Light on his new favourite store, VIP Toys.

The guys then tackle a subject never before touched on in The Construct - The Academy Awards. Both Steve and Brendan have been doing their best to view all 9 Best Picture nominated films before the awards are handed out and they give their thoughts and opinions on each one. They then give their tips as to who they think will win the "big 5" awards on the night as well as their predition for Best Animated Film.

Finally the engine is revved up on The Fapmobile to take us out where Brendan is fapping about owning a piece of genuine Batman history for the last 24 years and never being aware of it. 


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