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In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHT LIGHT!

Way back in the very first episode of The Knight Light, the boys geeked out about the very first footage from Suicide Squad that was shown at Comic Con.  Now, 13 months later, they get to talk about the whole movie!

Excitement has been high for this movie since it was announced in late 2014 and was almost at fever pitch in the final weeks before its release.  Although, days before everyone had the chance to see it, the critics decided to rain all over the parade of everyone who was looking forward to seeing the "Skwad" and of course the internet reacted the way it always does, with many civil, polite and level headed discussions.  Pffft, Yeah Right!

So, if you're over all the internet rubbish and want to hear Brendan and Steve have a fun discussion about all the things they liked, didn't like and what they loved - then you'll enjoy this episode. 

The boys also have a brief look at The Killing Joke animated film and as always, take us out in The Fapmobile. 

There's also a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about another way you can share the love of The Knight Light and it's something Steve knows nothing about.  What is it?  Tune in to find out!


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