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Join Brendan in The Construct for his second solo mission!

After the success of his first solo mission last month, Brendan is back and talking Bond.  This time he takes a look at the Bond Themes past and gives us his list of his top "007" favourites!

Who will make the cut and who will get thrown off a mountain minus a Union Jack parachute? 
Tune in to find out...


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In Brightest Day, In Darkest Knight, Welcome To...THE KNIGHTLIGHT!

Much has happened since the boys last met up to record, well over a month ago.  Steve has not only gotten married, but has also recently returned from his action packed honeymoon road tripping around America.  We spend a big chunk of this episode hearing many of his adventures focusing on all the geeky stuff he got to do and see.

Before we hear about what Steve's been up to, the boys cover several topics in Newsflash, including the new Star Wars trailer, Back To The Future Day, what they think of the new seasons of their favourite comic book TV shows, why is Pan the biggest flop of 2015?

They stare down the gun barrel once more with some Light Bondage in which we get to hear both the guys opinions of Sam Smith's theme song and can you believe that Spectre is only 4 days away from being released?!  In the UK that is, much to Brendan's dismay.

The show winds up as always by jumping behind the wheel of the Fapmobile when we hear what's had Brendan and Steve over stimulated recently.

As previously stated, the boys haven't been in the same country, let alone caught up in over a month so be prepared for a longer than usual episode folks.  The plus side is, with these two, the time flies!


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